17 Feb 2014

Dear M

Tomorrow you turn 4. 

4 years ago I became a mum. 

4 years ago my life changed forever. 

I remember holding you as a baby. Rocking you in my arms. Worrying about being a mum. About getting right. Being a good mum. 

I've learned so much watching you grow. I've learned patience and thankfulness. I've learned to cope with very little sleep. I've learned to take things easy and relax (ok I'm still learning that one!)

You are truly amazing and everything about you is lovely. I say to people you've been yourself. Which means full on, chatting, exploring, jumping, full steam ahead you. You follow your own beat and want to do everything now. You have very little fear in situations you are comfortable with but you are also at times shy and need your mummy. 

Watching you be a big brother had been amazing. There are times when you want me to put N down to help you do something. As you like things done straight away. But mostly you tell me you love your brother, you chat to him, you check on him and you love being with him. As he gets bigger I look forward to seeing you play, seeing you grow and watching your relationship change. 

You are coming on so well with school With your learning and the things you say. You make me very proud. Sure we have hiccups along the way. The meltdowns, the tantrums the disagreements. But mostly it's full of laughs, kisses, cuddles and listening to you- my beautiful boy. 

Love you always mummy. 

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