11 Feb 2014

Dear 20 year old me.

You would not believe all the wonderful things your life will become. Sure your tired most of the time, don't have much money and is not super trendy or fashionable. But you are so much more. 

Your a wife and mother. Your first proper boyfriend in K blossomed into relationship, a friendship and now a husband. He will help you grow and learn and become the person I am today. Trust him, listen to him. He will be a great guiding force for you. Have faith him. Have faith in th fact he wants to be your husband one day. Keep strong know that you will be a wife. 

Do not worry about becoming a mum. You will. You will worry more than you ever thought possible. You will cry a lot over it. But you will get through it. You will find strength you never thought you had. You will love more than you ever thought possible. And you will be filled with such happiness. It will not always be smooth sailing. But believe in yourself. Believe in your abilities. 

Enjoy these days before your world is changed forever. Enjoy being young and resting when you can!! It will change. Your week (and weekend!) will start at 6.00. Any later you will consider a lay in. 

You will make friends you never thought possible. These friends will bless your life. You will have no need to feel lonely. You will find people you get you. Understand you. And accept you. 

You will be ok. I promise. 

Tired mummy to two and wife Leanne. 

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