30 Jan 2014


Has not been great. 

It started at 6am this morning with M waking up wheezing and struggle to breathe. The more he struggled the more he panicked the more he panicked the more he struggled. I stayed calm and tried to calm him. Gave him his pump. But in the end I called an ambulance his breathing was not regulating. It was getting worse. After a ride to hospital, a nebuliser, steroids and seeing several doctors we came home by 11.  He was diagnosied with croup. 

So right now I am getting more and more anxious as bedtime approaches. I know night time they can be worse. And my biggest aniexty is when the kids get sick. 

But I can do this. 

I can stay calm. 

I can be in control. 

I will need to chant this on repeat. 

Over and out. 


  1. Oh bless him. I hope he is feeling better and you all get a good nights sleep. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. Jude.x

  2. oh poor thing! And you too. I hope it was a better night last night xx

  3. This happened to us... Once in Nov and then again in December. Lizzy ended up in the PICU & on a ventilator. I am terrified of it happening again, but I tell myself that I've done the right thing before, I can do it again. Don't doubt your instincts when it comes to your child, Leanne. XO. Praying for your sweet boy.