6 Jan 2014

Reading : week one.

I love to read. 

I always have done. A nose in a book. I remember going to the library with my dad and sister and picking books. I used to love to read reference books or encyclopedias (love to learn!). I loves the babysitter club and sweet valley high books. I love to read still. My kindle is packed full. I don't always find the time to read recently, guess having a newborn and lots of hobbies does that. But I enjoy crime stories, cozy mysteries, trashy chick lit and Harry potter - which I have read numerous times. 

I love that M enjoys books too. 

His shelves are full to bursting. I love books in general  picture books are just lovely!

So while browsing twitter i stumbled across a great idea/hashtag/year long project which is to read 300 new picture books in 2014. Now this isn't saying you go out and but 300 new books but more that you try and read at least once a different book in 2014 - so as long as you haven't read the book already this year it counts. I'm hoping this will encourage me to get out to the library more and encourage M to select new books. As he is at school nursery now he brings home a different book each week which is lovely, plus our local children's centre offers a lending library too  

Kicking off week 1 here's what we read. 

3 books out of 300! 298 to go!

We got M the dr seuess selection for Christmas and he's been really taken by the stories which is lovely. They are lovely to read as adults too, fun words and silly stories. The me & my dad is lovely story - M is a daddy boy so we talk about the things his daddy and him do after. 

Any book suggestions let me know...


  1. Thank-you for linking up, and what a great start to the year! There's a list of pinterest boards, blogs and goodreads on the #300PBs page (click on the badge) for lots more inspiration :-)

  2. I've started a pinterest board with all the books we are reading plus I have a general Children's book board that I started before this challenge where I pin my reviews I have published on my blog plus others I have spotted and want to read (http://www.pinterest.com/gbfamily/). I'm sure through this challenge you'll get lots of inspiration. Looks like you are off to a good start already though.

  3. Our favourites are wow said the owl & tip tap went the crab both my Tim hopgood.