11 Jan 2014

Little things I love.


This week I've not managed much ready for me. (Except online twitter blogs etc. I've read a few interesting parenting articles which are percolating some ideas. And I'm interested in finding more out about home learning with the little one) but we have managed 6 picture books so far this week in out #300pbs challenge. I'm loving it. That post to come soon. 


I have been loving scandal season 2 and I've been catching up with first season of bletchingly circle. Both on lovefilm during the night feed. Plus new season midsummer!! And FINALLY watched the brand new miss marple which was excellent!!


Lots of shattering from maxwell. His talking and imagination gets better each week. At school they are encouraging story telling with them. So on our walks home from school he has been telling me all About jack and the beanstalk. I have also heard myself sneeze. A lot. First cold of the year. No fun. 


Some more squares for my blanket. But that about. This cold really knocked me this week and had very little energy to complete anything else sadly. 

Plus I made gammon in coca cola this week and managed three meals out of it and a lunch!! (Gammon roast, gammon spinach pasta and hoi sin gammon and rice!) 


The baby. A couple of times when out and about. 

And lastly..

I got out to two different kids groups this week (once at the children's centre and another at a play group) and met up with an online friend in real life. I'm getting out there and making connections. As scary as that is. I'm having conversations and talking to people. 

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  1. Love your blanket. I'm crocheting a different stitch one, but it's taking ages to get anywhere. Think I should have stuck with granny squares then you can finish each little bit in turn rather that it being one huge one to get made in one go.