19 Jan 2014

Little things I love. #3


Really very little this week, apart from a couple of blog posts, the news online and a few knitting patterns. No idea what's happened this week where I've found no time to read. I think I'm struggling to get into a book as well. I have plenty on my kindle but nothing has grabbed me. 


The last Sherlock. Which was awesome. On many levels. New series of castle (which is awesome!) a new episode of midsummer murders. (Amaze) and lots of Big Bang theory. On top of the usual cbeebies, Disney channel and despicable me. 


The baby laugh. His giggles are getting more and more. He's ticklish under his arms. Also listened to M chatter on. This week at school they are learning the three little pigs. 


More squares for my blanket. And I made it to a knit night. I made progress on my 2013 projectlife album. I'm nearly finished!! Plus picked up some old wips. 


My old maternity jeans. A lot. This week. I can fit into my pre preg ones but have a serious muffin top! Not a good look. 

And lastly..

This week I did lots of getting out there making conversations people and stepping out of my comfort zone. I went to a new playgroup, a Facebook meet up and a knit night 


  1. That all sounds great and I love your ripple blanket. Must try that one next.

  2. I'm with you on watching the new series of Castle & Big Bang, but I was slightly disappointed with the last Sherlock .... I hated he killed someone.

  3. Oh you've been busy! Such a cute photo too! I'm at that phase with reading where I'm a bit bored already and just trying to finish what I started..no idea if I make 30 books this year!x