5 Jan 2014

Little things I love. #1

I'm making a determined effort to read more blogs and be more social in my blog reading. It's difficult on the iPhone and our desktop is great but I don't like sitting there for hours. I've started using bloglovin on my phone, and I've started trying to actually read the blogs I love. One if which is butwhymummywhy. I took part in a linky once last year but it dropped by the wayside. So let's try again. A little round up of the small things. Life is not all about the big things. I'm a big believer in this. Sometimes the small things are the things which make you smile. 


Finding time to read is not the easiest. I always have a million other things going on. I'm a kindle reader and have now finally installed the app on my phone. Seeing as I always have my phone close by I can read while feeding or holding a sleepy baby. I'm currently reading Jackie Collins the power trip. I do enjoy a bit of trash! Plus inspired by the #YOCbookclub. I've downloaded how to win friends and influence people. I've never really read a self help book before so we shall see. 


Sherlock. Oh how I love thee. I was do excited for the new series. Is one of few programmes both me and hubby will watch together. Our tastes differ.  I'm a big murder mystery crime drama fan. Hubby is more sci-fi zombies etc fan. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I adore the dialogue the style and the story. I could easily watch them over and over again. 


I got the new Justin Timberlake album for Christmas so this has pretty much been on repeat in the car. I also been pretty much listening to M constant stream of dialogue. His imagination is endless which fills me with glee. True joy. Recently we watched The lion witch and wardrobe. Since then a lot of his games include the wicked witch and people turning to stone. 


A basic vanilla birthday cake for hubby (quick recipe of weighing 4 eggs then using the same amount of self raising flour, sugar, butter - mix and bake at 180c for about 30-40 mins) plus I have also sort of started (but I'm totally scared  of the commitment!) a crochet mood blanket - which if your search the hashtag is the idea that you crochet a square a day or week for a whole year dependant on your mood. I'm taking a more relaxed approach and more what colour i fancy doing. I'm quite behind on my project life for 2013 but the photos have all been ordered. I also managed a few rows of knitting on a cardigan and a shawl!


I've been trying the NYNYstyleproject prompts. Set up by Essex wife and modern mummy. I'm loving this dress my mother inlaw got me for christmas. It's a style and print I wouldn't usually choose but I really like it. 

And lastly..

I've managed a bit more sleep, hot cups of tea and to cook a couple of nice meals. 


  1. Sounds like a good start to the year. I am also doing the mood blanket.

  2. A nice start to the new year. My hubby and I have totally different tv tastes the record is always on for one of us! I love my kindle app but can't beat a good book! Can't wait to see the blanket xx

  3. I love the knitting! I adore the colours :) I crochet and currently making a bay blanket for my sisters new baby due this year.. The dress is gorgeous

    Popped over from Morgana's Little Things I Love x