15 Jan 2014


That's what I have been trying to be. Sounds silly when I put it out there. I mean trying to be brave. 

Over the past days I have attended two parent and child groups. Two groups I have never been to before, where I know no one. I pulled up all the courage I had to get the kids in the car and drive there. Then walk into a room full of other mums and kids where I knew no one. Where I didn't know the protocol, the order of things, way things are done. 

But I did it. I smiled at other mums, tried not to shout too loudly at M and hope the N did not throw up everywhere. I even managed conversations with other mums. The usual how old is little one? Is it your first? Blah blah blah. 

It took a lot. 

I tried not to worry other mums would gasp at the fact M is full on and had a mini breakdown when I told him we were going. Or the fact that N is a little on the big side and is sick continuously. Or that I looked a complete mess with tired eyes and that I babble a lot. 

But I got through it. And yes I'll be back again. 


  1. Well done! I know where you're coming from with going to places you don't know, I avoid it at all costs. Just think, now you've been once it is going to get so much easier and you will get to know those other parents and, who knows, may even make some life long friends!

  2. Please don't give up on going out, it will mean the world to you soon enough. Also, please don't think that people are judging you or your boys by the way they behave, or whether they are a sicky baby. I attend a toddler group with my little boy and he has started to hit things, including people, if he is a bit annoyed or doesn't know what to do with himself, more out of frustration really. This is not going to stop me attending though as it is just a phase and people do understand.

    There is also nothing wrong with your littlest one being on the big side. My boy was 9lb when he was born and by no means a skinny child. It shows he is healthy and growing well. He certainly doesn't look large in any photo I have seen.

    Well done on getting out there, I know how hard it is as someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, you were BRAVE and that's fantastic.

  3. I think it's wonderful and yes definitely BRAVE ... I'm terribly shy [although nobody believes it] but it's so good for our soul to communicate with others ... so continue being brave!!! :)