15 Dec 2013

{mike the elf came to stay}

A little elf came to stay with us. I'd been thinking about allowing an elf to stay with us for a few years - I think the use of Pinterest had increased the love of this little elf. However some of those ideas are a bit extreme. I do love the idea of magic this brings into the house. 
M was a little suspect to begin with. His first task was to name him. He could choose anything. And what he picked was mike wazokski. Yes that of monsters inc fame. Only my child!!
As M is still fairly small we have kept the "antics" mike gets up to fairly simple. (God knows what we will do when the boys get bigger) 
It is lovely to see in the morning and M asks where is mike mummy. And he is very excited to tell daddy what his elf has been up too. 
It's been quite fun as parents too. Even if sometime we do forget and have to rush something together. 
I'm excited that we have brought a new tradition into our family. It makes me happy to bring magic alive into our house. To see how excited m is in the morning. And in future years I'll have two cheeky little boys to entertain. 

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  1. I love the idea of Elf on the Shelf! I have one child that's too old and one who is a baby though so I think it will be at least another two years before I can actually start the tradition.

    Just found your blog and think it's fab :)

    Now following!

    Louise x

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