4 Dec 2013


Being an adult there are certain things you look forward to at Christmas. Yummy food, a little tipple, chocolate, spending time with family and chilling watching Christmas movies. 

Being a mum at Christmas, especially now with a 3 year old who "gets" it has brought the magic back. Seeing M excited at seeing Santa out and about,  excited about putting up the Christmas tree or seeing the lights twinkling. The magic is returned. The joy in his face as he understands that Christmas is coming, that the magic is real. 

Your asking so many questions. Like how did Santa get to your school, where did he park his sliegh, when can we put the tree up, can we open the advent calendar. 

I love that you are loving this. 

Today we wrote a letter to Santa. M believed in this. We picked toys out of the catalogue. You were so excited to show K your letter and he wanted to call his grandmothers let them know you had done your letter. I'm so proud of him. 
I really hope this magic lasts a while. 


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