1 Dec 2013

{hello December}

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year. I love the food the baking the family the sparkle the magic. The magic is even more evident now I have children of my own. Especially one who is old enough to understand what is happening. 

I look forward to December to enjoying the time. However this December I'm all out of sorts. I've done no shopping, I've not baked my Christmas cake, I've planned no food or plans for Christmas Day. I've done nothing. This year I am not organised. So this Christmas it seems will be a little different. 

Having baby N and M to occupy my time makes all my days a bit busy. But I'm looking forward to it still. I kind of have a list of what needs to be bought and well the cooking that's proberly the easiest. I don't mind that part. And hopefully I will be able to squeeze some time to make my Christmas chocolate biscuit and sugar cookies. 

But I think I will just have to take each day as it comes. 

This morning we have opened the advent windows. And our elf has come to stay. Named by the 3yo as mike wazoski the elf. We have requests of where's the tree, can we wrap presents, when is going to snow.... It could be a long month! 

Happy December 

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