3 Dec 2013

{December plans}

This month is very different to past Decembers. In the past my calendar has been full to bursting with plans. My head full of this I had to bake. Planning hosting friends on Christmas Eve. This year is very quiet. No plans. No baking. (As yet!) my plans so far include maxwells Christmas play, his school Christmas party, picking up a food shop on the 23rd and waiting to see when my sister goes into labour. 

The Christmas I'm definetly letting go of the planning. Embracing whatever the holiday may through at me. I am filling days with Christmas films. I'm having to let go of the Christmas planning crazy and embrace that this year things will be a bit different 

Having two children and one so small means my days are spent giving cuddles, sorting, tidying and playing leaving little time to plan. I'm trying to take it easy and not worry and adopt the "whatever will be will be" all that matters is getting the presents for the kids. If I don't manage anything else, there's always next year! 

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