18 Dec 2013

{Christmas crafting}

This Christmas I have managed very little Christmas themed activities at home this year. I seem to be just going through the motions to get things done. Apart from our little elf I have tried to do small activities with M ( when N allows it!) 

Firstly I have been working with twinkl (and will be for the next year! Eekk!) and they have great resources online to print off from home. I'm looking forward to trying out some great seasonal ideas and I've been looking at the story sack resources (M is gets obsessed with certain books at times and we read them over and over again, these story resources will be good for during the day to play and talk about the book!)

They had some great Christmas packs available - I'm a little sad I haven't made full use of them but I did print off the colouring sheets. I've left them on the table for M to go to at points during the day. 
The pictures were good and bold and not too detailed for my big boy. 

Next up was some air dry clay crafting. 
Got out some clay, cookie cutters and stamps. This was a quick activity good for the short attention span of a 3yo. 
M enjoyed making the marks in clay and picking the shapes to cut and use. It was a fairly "clean" activity. We did the cutting out on paper so that minimised mess. They took about 2 days to fully dry. (That was the hard part with an impatient 3yo who kept checking if they were dry!)
The painting was more messy but was fun. But I enjoyed making time just for my big boy. And we have some lovely decorations on our tree. Priceless. 
Will definetly be making some next year too.  

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