30 Dec 2013

2014 : Goals

I like the term goal rather than resolutions. It sounds a lot more doable. Like it's something to aim for.

2013 has been a busy old year. I spent the majority of it pregnant and then the last few months as a mum of two. And quick as you like a whole year has flew by. My family has one extra person in it now. 

In 2014 I would like to.....

Get out more. Be more socialable. I have lots of online friends which is a great and invaluable support network. But I think it would be nice to have some more local mummy friends. However the thought of going out there and making friends as an adult is daunting. The old fears return of cliques and bitchness. Of not fitting in. Of being laughed at. But I need to be brave and go out there. Scary as it may be. 

Eat well. Spending most of last year pregnant means that my eating habits may have slipped a little but it's time to get back on track. Get back eating well. Tone up my tummy. Walk more. And feel healthy. 

Write better. I want to get better at this blog writing. To experiment and learn. I'd like to find more time to do it. But that will come. I'd like to write things people want to read. 

Be a better blog reader. I struggle with this the reading and the commenting. I read lots of posts just not regularly. I use my iPhone a lot and that's not easy to comment on. But I try get in contact via twitter. 

Step away from the social media and live life. This is a difficult one especially days I'm at home. When I'm out it's easier to put the phone away. But at home it's that constant thing. 

Read more. Quite self explanatory really. 

Make time for me. Make time for hubby. Make time for family. I think all these components make for a happy life. My kids are everything but finding time for all of the above is needed too. 

Be a better mum. I strive to be the best I can be. I'm my own worst enemy. But I believe you can always be better. 

Continue to document our lives. Be that by iPhone or big camera or video. Document our life and enjoy the moment rather than strive to get that perfect photo. One thing I have found looking back at my projectlife album is that some of the photos are blurry or dark etc but looking at them it remember that moment. When it was taken. What was happening. That's the real point. 

What about you. What are you aiming for with 2014. 


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