31 Dec 2013

2014 : crafting aims

My life is very full. Very busy. (Too busy some may say) full of children and cleaning and cooking and well just getting through the day. But one thing which is a big part of my life is my hobbies. Like many of my friends it may be explained as too many hobbies. I'm not one for sitting still. (Well usually however since little one arrived I have spent more evenings doing very little)

And what do I aim to achieve this coming year? 

Finish things. I have a fair few wip across various hobbies. Is quite like to finish them off. 

Finish the cardigan for N. 

Cast on the gramps cardigan and finish it for N. 

Aim to knit something for M. 

Knit matching hats for the boys for next winter!

Add some more to my Bella dia vintage stripe blanket. 

Continue with projectlife. But a some simplified streamlined version. The kinda of version I was doing more the end of last year. Focus on pictures. Keeping it simple. 

Challenge myself with knitting. Try a new technique. Be brave. 

I think trying new things scares me as I'm scared of failing. Being postive and recognising the things i CAN do and not focus on the things i CANNOT should be the key. 

Try and meet new crafters and local to me. This ties in with my goal of being more social. 

Do you have any crafting aims you'd like go achieve in 2014?


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  1. you know you’re always welcome at Hooky - come along! We’ll be meeting soon - I added you to the group didn’t I? Come along xxx