11 Nov 2013

{the new normal}

It amazing how much you block out in memory. I mean I remember M as a squishy newborn. All lovely and cuddly. I don't remember the sleepless nights, the worry, the crying baby, the nappy changes, the baby poo, the baby sick and the aches in your body from sitting holding rocking the beautiful newborn.

It's been a learning curve over again. We are gradually falling into some sort of routine. Gradually relearning our steps. 

Our new squishy new born however is not a fan of laying down, getting his clothes changed or his nappy changed. You would think we were causing him harm the way he carries on!

We have been using the new sensitive pampers nappies we got sent to try and we are loving them. They really are keeping little man dry. And hubby is a big fan of the indicator line to be able to tell if little man needs changing!! My little boy however has a skinny bum and the size 1 nappies are only just starting to fit his bum - but we have had no accidents so far. N has taken to weeing all over daddy on a regular basis! Don't think daddy is quick enough with the nappy changes just yet. 

He's enjoying a little dip in some warm water in the evening and loves to kick his little legs. And he loves being wrapped up in a towel! But getting him dressed again full scale melt down! I'm sure this boy would quite happily stay in the same clothes or naked all day!! Saying that we have similar arguments with M about getting dressed. 

Its still early days but we are getting there learning each day. Remembering how to do this and also learning more about my little bundle. 


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  1. How wonderful. Congratulations all seems well. It takes a while to get back in the game huh!?x