26 Nov 2013

{3 weeks}

Hello week 3 of being a family of 4. This was my first full week being solo during the weekdays. Id have to say it definetly got easier as the days passed. The beginning of the week I could quite easily stay in my little bubble at home, by the end of the week I'm thinking about finding playgroups and going to children's centre. That's got to be progress. 

My big boy has adapted really well into his big brother role. He loves to help. But also wants to sit next to him, hold him, be close to him. I hope this relationship continues to develop. My big boy latest word obsession is "invisible" you mention anything and it's invisible. Quite regularly we get "it's invisible snowing day, can't you see mummy?" Or "the invisible lorax needs to come in first" I do love his imagination and the stories he makes up. 

My littlest boy is growing well and we finally got discharged from mw. He really is a good little lad, suffers a little with his tummy and he gets a bit angry about it. He still loves cuddles and being close to people. He is holding his head up better and longer and being awake a bit more. Looking around. 

I'm slowly adjusting to being a mummy of two and dealing with the exhaustion that comes with it. My aniexty is getting more under control. And I'm taking each day slowly and trying to deal with the moment than worry. 

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