5 Oct 2013


Right now. 
You are 3 years and 7 months. 
You are loving going to preschool and learning new things, new words and new ideas. 
You have been getting nosebleeds regularly. 
You have been eating so much better. 
You are such a daddy's boy and when he is home you want to do everything with him. 
Your bedtimes are so much improved but you still wake in the night (3 nights out of 7) and come and find mummy and daddy. 
You wake up usually between 5-6 though if you fall back to sleep in our bed you will sleep round til 7/7.45. 
You are loving power rangers. 
You talk about "baby" quite a bit and have to give baby a kiss and cuddle too. 
Your favourite toys are your action figures and the box gets emptied across the floor. 
You like to help mummy but it's still a battle sometimes. 

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