29 Oct 2013

{life changes}

There are key moments in your life that are kinda like stepping stones. That when you think back you can plot your timeline based on them. Like starting and finishing secondary school. I remember the apprehension at starting high school and a nervousness about a change in routine but a thirst for knowledge (I loved school and loved learning. Always a geek) I remember the last day at school as a relief followed by the realisation I still had exams to get to. I also remember the long walk to school to pick up those results.

Other key points for me include starting my graphic design degree, learning to drive and getting my first proper job. 

However more tangible and emotional "stones" start with meeting K (one drunken fuelled evening involving a £10 all you can drink club night! Gee!) and subsequent days spent together talking, sharing, dating. This stone soon grew into a relationship, a partnership and most importantly a friendship. This man has given me strength, self belief and support in the early years we spent together. (don't get me wrong there are downs as well as ups with us. However the fact I do dwell on the downs I feel speaks volumes) We moved out together and began being adults. We learned more about each other and about being a couple. We found a rhythm and a pathway which worked for us. Our path soon led to us wanting to expand our family and trying for a baby. Finding out we were pregnant is another huge stone. Stumbling through a first pregnancy together. But becoming parents was the real challenge. Together we did it. Got through the early days, the sleepless nights, the finding a new "us" which now includes a small person. Creating new traditions, forging a family and learning daily. 

Becoming his wife was another step we took. It may be just a bit of paper but means so much more to me than that. I love saying he's my husband. And again we stood together. 

We have since been through teething, weaning, hospital trips, the terrible twos, the returning to work, the finding yet another new normal in our household. The constant daily challenges which you are faced with being a parent. Along with the subsequent daily joy you feel from the exact same thing. 

And now this year we take the next step to becoming a family of 4. It's been tough, we have supported each other. Our lives will be turned upside down again as we stumble through the early days, remember how it all works, blurry through the sleepless nights combined with 3yo early mornings. We juggle the logistics of having two children. To say I am nervous may be a slight understatement. I'm terrified. But to know I'm standing on the new stone with K by my side, does (for the most part!) calm me down. We will be learning this all again together. As we experience yet another life change. 

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  1. With a solid foundation, you can take on the world.