30 Oct 2013

{knit:finished object}

I enjoy knitting. 
I enjoy the click clack of the needles, of squishy yarn and yarn shops, of casting on something new, of the relaxing nature knitting has. I love the portable nature of it (many a soft play coffee break spent knitting a few rows) I love the fact that it's something I can sit on the sofa and do whether that's with watching a movie with K or watching M wreck the front room. 

However as much as I like knitting I reservations at my knitting ability. I'm quite slow and still count myself as a novice. Even though if I actually think about I have completely a fair few things. 

This week I finished off a little hoody for this impending bumps arrival. It's an "old school" knitting pattern so you knit in pieces and seam together. I used some style craft dk yarn. It's quite soft and washable - perfect for a baby! It's the denim colour and it's a lovely washed out blue colour. 
I started it a while ago. And to be fair I probably could of finished it sooner but life and being pregnant was more important than picking up my knitting. 
With all the pieces finished this week it was time to see them all up together and turn the random bits of fabric into a hoody ( fingers crossed) 
And finished. It's by no means a perfect knit or finish but I'm pleased with how it's turned out. Following a pattern and seeing how it turned out always gives me a sense of achievement. 

It's nice having hobbies and I'm learning to be better about guilt for not doing any. As sitting and doing nothing is sometimes very important too. 


  1. Gosh, I'd never say you were a novice with regard to knitting. The opposite in fact

  2. I can't believe you're a novice either - this is brilliant, I can't get past a couple of basic rows!