25 Oct 2013

{full term}

I did it. 

Reached the 40 week mark. 

It's been a hard slog. Being pregnant a second time I have found hard. Not sure if that just because I am older or because I have 3 year old to entertain. 

My pregnancy notes are now falling apart. I've seen most departments at my hospital. Early pregnancy, nuchal scans, growth scans, gtt blood tests, midwife appointments, maternity assement unit, labour ward, consultants, antenatal ward and blood tests. So much so some of the staff now recognise me now. I've seen doctors, been on ctg machines, had steroid injections, numerous internals and plenty of prescriptions. 

It's been hard I won't lie. It's hard not being able to just rest in the evening. Instead it's mummy mode sorting out the family home. Don't get me wrong my hubby has been good and put up with the mood swings, the emergency admissions and taking time off work. We've tackled it together. 

As the due date has now passed the reality of this being what's happening is hitting home. I will no longer have one child. I will be mummy to two under 4. This will be my new norm. I have no idea now I will cope, I have no idea what to expect  I do know I am nervous and that taking each day as it comes will be the only way. 

I'm very excited to meet my new boy. But I'm quite anxious to start living our new life too. A family of 4. 

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  1. Congratulations Leanne on hitting 40 weeks, bet you are all very excited to meet your new son and M's new baby brother! Good luck with everything x