24 Oct 2013


Now being on maternity leave and at home with a rather over active small one I have felt the need to actually get my act together with some craftying activities with him. Before being at home a couple of days a week meant I didn't mind going out and about to places or just relaxing playing with toys but I'm now finding I need more to keep the days full. (I am slightly scared at the whole coping with two but that's a whole different post!)

In the midst of this planning I placed a mini order from baker ross. I've been getting the emails and catalogues for a whole but never got round to placing an order. I already have a fair bit of crafty bits and pieces so ordered a few bits to add to that. I went for a pack of autumn paper/card stock, some leaf sponges for paint, a small block of air dry clay and a set of Halloween crafting kits. 
Maxwell was in his element with some crafting in the morning. Granted his attention span does not last long but these small quick activies meant we could break up the day. 

I now have a little box on hand ready to pull out to get things done. Time to get the other Halloween crafting going!!

I've been pinning old friendly ideas for ages. And it's time I should actually do something about it!!

We also did some stone painting. M loved this and was so simple. We ha some stones from a trip to the beach in the summer and he enjoyed just slapping them with paint- again another 10 mins crossed off the day!!
Making a mess seems to be in his nature. 

I've also started a "junk modelling" collection of boxes and tubes as he like to create robots and mega zords. 

Other things I have on our list of stuff to do at home
* baking - quick vanilla sponges in cake cases is a winner. But I have lots of kids cooking books- time to have a look through for some ideas. 
* canvas art - we have a couple of canvas m painted when younger id like to get a few more to keep on hand. 
* clay models - with the air dry clay. Then painting them. 
* salt dough - same principle as the clay. I've never had much lucky with this time to perfect!
* box building - my family have a removal company so think I need to blag a few used boxes to let him build forts or cars in the front room. 

Crafting mummy is making a return!

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