22 Oct 2013

{baby bag packing}

This week I hit the due date. 

It's been a hard pregnancy including hospital admissions, tears, conflicting information and general pregnancy stuff. However I have tried my hardest to carry on as normal. And tried not to let the fact I'm pregnant affect much of our day to day living. Granted I now can't move as quick! Or get stuff off the floor. I think I've not done too bad. 

One thing I have felt is guilt. Guilt that baby number two has not had my full attention. Having a 3yo to contend with does not allow time to focus fully on this new child we are bringing into the world. But I've finally got round to the final packing of the hospital. I'm definetly less organised with this one than I was with M. 
I toyed with the idea if getting a new changing bag. In the end the finances just couldn't streatch so out came my Kipling bag I had with M. I gave it a spin in the machine. (One of the positive notes about Kipling bags) and were ready to pack. 
I tried to keep it the min but with the previous labour I was I hospital for a while. We shall see if the same applies again.
Some baby gros. Including one which his big brother wore in hospital. I'm excited to see my new boy in this. It brings back so many memories. 
Some vests, cotton wool and nappies. We have been sent of the brand new range of nappies launched by pampers. 
This is there new range new baby sensitive. It comes in two sizes- newborn  1 (2-5kg) and size 2 (3-6kg). These new nappies are ultra soft for baby's bums, they have a touch of aloe to help care for that gentle skin, the absorb layer had been designed to help absorb the soft bowel movements that babies get as well as all that weewee!! And on the front of the nappy is a indicator bar which changes colour to let you know how wet the nappy is. We had good success with pampers with M so I'm hopeful new baby will have the same outcome. 
Last but not least on my bag is a blanket which was a gift with M. But I love it as it's a soft jersey, and from experience I know how warm maternity wards can be. Plus a hand crochet blanket I made for baby. And matching hat!! Finally a teddy blankie which a rather lovely friend bough for our bump when it was all still really new. Plus a new purchase for bump. A jellycat jangly monkey (named bojangles) I know these are not essential but I like making the little hospital cot look a bit more cozy. 

I'm sure I've probably forgotten something and hubby wil have to make a mad dash to the shops but for the time being I think we are kinda almost ready! Eekk


  1. Good Luck and all the best. Jude.x

  2. oooh good luck, hope we get some news soon xx


  3. Oh good luck pickle. I'm so very envious! I can't wait to hear all about him! xx