21 Sept 2013


I'm now in the final stages. The count down to our lives changing forever again. One more week of work to go then it's operation baby. 
My bump is growing at an alarming speed. And I am now starting to struggle to go certain things ( like picking up maxwells toys off the floor! Takes a lot longer and reaching the taps on the sink to do the washing up!)
To be fair things have not been too bad. I've not suffered too much. I'm still fairly active and able to still do things with M. Yes I have the usal aches and pains that comes with growing a human. The achy back, the inability to get comfy in bed at night, the heartburn and the general feeling like a whale moving about. But it's been ok, I'm so lucky to be going through this all again. To get to be able to be a mum to two boys. For them to be part of my life, my legacy. 

I'm excited to meet my little one. Will he look like maxwell? Will he be darker then him? Will he have lots of hair? Will he be like his brother? And on top of the excitement comes the nervousness. Will I be able to cope? Will we survive as a family? Will M be a good big brother? Will things be ok?

All these thoughts and more running through my head. But I will know soon enough!

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  1. You look beautiful, Leanne! Good luck & enjoy this last week before baby comes!