23 Sept 2013

{new era}

Last week saw M start his school journey. He's attended a nursery since he was about 8 months old for a day and half a week. He got on so well at his nursery and was genuinely loved by all the staff there. 
But as baby number two is due to make an appearance in October we took the plunge and applied for a free preschool place at a local (across the road) primary school. 
He got his place and attends in the afternoon session. 
We had our (nervewracking) home visit from his new teachers which M displayed his nervous and shy side, but soon warmed up and insisted on showing them his action figure collection. All before the settling day. In the true primary school fashion we had to get his uniform. And he loves it. He loves putting his uniform and proudly tells me he's wearing his blue jumper. 
He's taken to his new routine well. No tears at drop off, knows someone will be back to get him. He seems happy to go, so much excitement from him. He wakes up in the morning asking to put on his uniform and can he go to school now. 

I'm so proud how well he's taken to it. How he is happy to go. Making new friends. Taking on new routines well. Taken things in his stride. My happy little boy. 

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