1 Sept 2013

{great bloggers bake off : bread}

GreatBloggersBakeOff Following on from the cake adventure last week this weeks challenge is bread. I've made bread a few times before and EVERY time I fail. It does not rise, it's over cooked, etc etc. but I faced my reservations and tried again. Linking up again this week with lovely Helen (http://www.thecrazykitchen.co.uk/p/the-great-bloggers-bake-off.html?m=1) and Jenny (http://www.mummymishaps.co.uk/category/gbbo) 

I decked to try a sweet bread buns. For the filling I had a look at what we had in the kitchen. This resulted in banana (3 over ripe ones) peanut butter (half a jar left over from last weeks cake) and chocolate ganache (again what had been in the fridge from last weeks cake)

I mixed and kneaded my dough for 10 mins. It looked smooth to me but I was still apprehensive about if it would rise. Our kitchen is not the warmest so I popped the oven on low and left the bowl on top! Anything to help the cause right!

1hour and 45 mins later (I was catching up with midsummer murders!) and look it rose! I was shocked!!
Out I rolled the dough and filled up my dough. Spread the peanut butter, sprinkled brown sugar, dotted banana and ganache and a little cinnamon for good measure. 
Followed by rolling it up and cutting into buns and squishing it all into a dish. It was ready for the oven! After another half hour to let it rise again in it went. Once I took it out drizzled some caramel topping.
The verdict. Yummy. Very sweet but yummy. I think I will be trying bread again. Maybe something savoury next time. Quite tempted by a cheese and onion share loaf...


  1. i have to say my goodness this sounds so delicious! sweet and rich yes, but i am sure i could suffer a slice lol. great idea for flavours too!
    thanks for joining in again x x

  2. oh my goodness - what a great combo of flavours - I could devour the whole lot!

  3. Just had a good nosey around on your blog. Its my first day of maternity leave without the hubby and so I am catching up with blogs in bed whilst the baby sleeps. I love gbbo too and have never attempted to make a sweet bread but this looks delish. I am with you on hating the heat when heavily pregnant - I was 15 days overdue in July and it was awful!

  4. Thanks for sharing.
    It looks so beautiful,it must be delicious.