19 Aug 2013


I remember taking this photo. 
You were only 2 months old. 
I was on maternity leave. 
I was so focused on you. 
So in love with watching you. 
So in awe of the things you were starting to do. 
I took a million photos of you. 
We were sat in the front room. 
You resting on my lap. 
In a cute babygro with no legs. 
You loved having you legs free. 
You still prefer to not have cover. 
I was playing with a new app. 
Snapping away at this child that had grown in my belly. 
That made me feel so complete. 
That I loved so much in that instance. 
That I caught your yawn on camera. 
I sent the picture to daddy at work. 
You still yawn like this now. 
This still looks like you. 
My beautiful boy.

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  1. What a wonderful photo, just adorable, and a great poem. Brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  2. Oh CUTE!!! I was also rather snap-happy with my first and managed to catch his first ever smile, I was so pleased! My second smiled her first smile at a friend of mine while I was on the loo. :(