22 Aug 2013

{Turning 30}

On Saturday I officially become a 30 year old. And I'm ok with this. I'm not in denial or worried or depressed. I have achieved lots in my 30 years. Sure I've not climbed mountains or done daring deeds or made millions. But I'm proud of what life has given me. 

I completed school with GCSES and my lowest mark being a B. I struggle with exams and I'm not naturally clever person. I had to work hard to achieve this. I had to revise I had to plan time I had to study. But I did all that and the hard work paid off. 

I completed warrant officer training in the girls brigade. Yes I stopped going as I got older but I spent alot of my youth there doing things I may not of experienced otherwise. I had a role within that community and I loved it. It was a big part of my life. And I've made some good friends too through it. 

I went to college and university and got a degree. One of the hardest experiences. I stayed at home while studying locally but I don't regret that. I enjoyed studying graphic design and attending lectures. I'm proud of myself that I was able to look at the career I was studying for in my second year and know this really was not the career for me. But I still applied myself and got my degree as I knew dropping out would not be an option. I have happy memories from this time. 

I learned to drive and passed my test when I was 17. For many years I was a bad nervous driver. I wouldn't drive far at all. I would panic getting behind the wheel. I would only drive locally to places I knew. With support of K and my family and friends this changed. I drive all over the place now, I am more confident behind the wheel. The furthest I've driven on my own is all the way up to Nottingham. And I did that at night! Another thing which I'm proud I can do. 

I've also worked. I've always had some sort of job. My first job working in a bakery, to helping at the family business, to working in sandwich shop, to waitresses in Harvester, to running arts at a kids club, to being an office manager at an insulation company to now working in flexible benefits. I've not always enjoyed these jobs. There have been really hard moments. My previous job to the one I have now very nearly caused me some major issues. But I am stronger than I think. I keep pushing, I keep going back. With the love and support of my family I was able to do this. 

I met K. I met him just a few weeks before turning 18 through mural friends. We got together, we met families. We got to know each other. We dated. And that was that. It's not like we were inseparable were not that kind of couple. But we're a perfect fit. We let each other be. We do not feel the need to be at each others sides 24/7. Even now. Sure we have had rough moments. But both of us know that being together is worth fighting for so much more. I'm so happy that I'm his wife and he's my husband. I love saying that. Oh this is for husband, my husband loves that etc. silly really. He makes me very proud. 

I became a mother. When we decided to start a family sure I was nervous and being pregnant was one long 9 months of apprehension. Nothing can prepare you for that moment when you first become a parent. It's one of the favourite things about me. My ability to be a mum. I wouldn't say I'm a natural mother. But I think I'm maternal, I have a caring nature. My child is hands down the best thing I have achieved in my 30 years. He is growing up so fast and sure at times he's a terror. What child isn't. But he's my terror. My child. I created him, carried him, loved him, nurtured him. He's a product of the love me and K have. He is changing into the a wonderful little man. And now I am pregnant with another. I'm looking forward to welcoming him into our life. For watching him grow, for seeing M be a big brother and watching K be a daddy all over again. That does make me feel lucky. 

I have made a family. My own. Me K and M and now bump. My own family unit to care for, fight for, worry for, be there for. This is so special for me. 

Along my 30 years I've met and made some wonderful friends. Some I have know since I was 10 and some who I am so close to but I've only know for a few years. I feel lucky to have had my life touched by each and every one of them. 

I hope my parents look at what I've achieved or done in my life and feel proud. They brought me and my sister up well. They have shown me love and support and they (even now!) are constantly there to help and support me and now to help and support my family. I feel very blessed for the mum and dad I have. 

Sure there have been other things in my life I have done like flying to New York when I was 16 with a friend and her sister, losing 3 stone after having maxwell and being the slimmest I have ever been, self teaching myself all the various crafty things I do, discovering scrap booking and all the things that has given me, learning to cook for a family etc. these all things which make me me. All things which have been a part of my life. 

So I welcome 30. Sure the things I have done are not earth shattering. But so what. This has been my life and so far it's not been too bad. 


  1. I love this post, lovely way to start the day x

  2. Beautiful post, you have so much to be proud and probably achieved far more than you have written. Glad you are welcoming your 30's with such confidence.