25 Aug 2013

{great bloggers bake off : week one}

I love to bake. I love to look at recipe books. I love to watch gbbo. Incase you didn't know. So this week I was mighty excited that the new series had started and was also that the lovely Helen (http://www.thecrazykitchen.co.uk/p/the-great-bloggers-bake-off.html?m=1) and Jenny (http://www.mummymishaps.co.uk/category/gbbo) were starting up a blogging linky combining the show, baking and trying new recipes! Perfect!!

This week on the show saw them attempt sandwich cakes, angel food cake and a chocolate show stopper. I had plans to attempt a banana sandwich cake with a whipped cream and caramel filling. Almost like a banoffee pie but in cake. However this weekend was also my birthday. On Wednesday evening my husband announces (who has baked a total of 3 times before!) he really wants to bake me a cake for my 30th. He spent the evenings pouring over my various cookbooks, making his list, checking the kitchen. Then Friday night he picked up his ingredients and started baking (at 10pm! He got in late) I gave him one proviso. The kitchen must look like a bombs hit it in the morning!!!

He decided to make a 3 layer chess cake  from the gbbo showstopper book. Except the vanilla sponge he made it a peanut butter sponge, with chocolate sponge. He piped!!! the two batters into the tins in circles to create the two toned sponge. 

His choice of filling white chocolate ganache (we had a slight not setting issue but it still tasted yum!) followed by icing in chocolate buttercream, stopped with chocolate ganache and sprayed silver chocolate drops arranged into a 30!! Before giving the cake a silver lustre spray. 

I'm very proud of his 4th baking attempt ever. It's a very thoughtful thing. As well I love cake!! 

And the inside! Looked amazing too. 
My mum made me a big vanilla sponge cake too. (She loves baking as much as me!) and he was a little nervous in my mum trying the cake. But she gave him a thumbs up too!! 
My entry this week is on behalf of hubby. I'm glad he did it. He felt inspired to try and he worked it (mainly) all out on his own. 

Thanks for stoping by. 



  1. oh wow, your husband is a baking genius! What a great birthday cake. I hope you had a great birthday & thanks for joining in with the #GreatBloggersBakeOff (well your husband! )

    1. a baking genius? I'm flattered but I'm just a man with a plan. I was determined to make a cake as Leanne is ALWAYS baking for me. But at the same time baking for someone who is proficient at it is quite daunting.

  2. wow your hubby is brilliant at making cakes! i have the cook book that the recipe is in and he really has done a fantastic job! and happy birthday to you too and thank you to you both for linking up x x

    1. You are too kind but I really am not a confident baking but I do like being creative and this I saw as another outlet. But thank you for the encouragement.

  3. This cake was a good challenge and you are worth the 5 hours it took to make xx