22 Jul 2013

{Summer Bucket List}

Yup the summer months are definitely here now. Yes being pregnant in the heat has not been fun, in fact it has been so hot lots of park have been empty due to the hot hot weather. I'm hoping it will cool a little.

A friend of mine was sitting down and writing her summer bucker list - both me and hubby loved the idea and decided to write our own - sure little man isn't in school yet, but the summer months are still there to be enjoyed!

After a few chats between us our list includes:

  • Take Maxwell to Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs.
  • Take Maxwell on a train (easy to combine 1 & 2)
  • Visit the local lavender fields
  • Me and hubby go for afternoon tea
  • Go to the beach
  • Go and Pick Your Own
  • Go to the Princes of Wales Memorial play park in Hyde Park
  • Visit a zoo/farm
  • Richmond Park walk
  • A visit to the Guildford Spectrum

I think this list is enough for us to aim to. Especially with me getting bigger as each week passes.

We actually crossed one of out list at the weekend - progress.

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