24 Jul 2013

{SBL : The lavender fields}

With out Summer Bucket List written - we jumped in feet first and completed one of them. A visit to the local lavender fields.

We have driven past these but never stopped, so last Sunday in the glorious sunshine off we went. We knew that Maxwell's attention span would not last long, so just the 3 (4) of us trundled off. It was so busy!! Full of tourist all scrambling for that perfect photo amongst the sea of purple flowers or sitting in the little bit of shade that was available.

The smell was beautiful, waves of relaxing and soothing lavender. As you walked down the rows you could hear bees buzzing loudly (one of which stung my foot!) and see butterflies flitting from flower to the flower. The colour of these flowers was beautiful and looked almost unreal that we were so close to such a built up area.

And with all the other vistiors with their cameras out. we took ours - pretty pleased with the selection we got. Some large prints I will be ordering of these!

Happy days x


  1. i love love LOVE the picture of M's back, that is screaming out to be printed good and big!

  2. Gorgeous pics, you should definitely get some printed :)

  3. So, so pretty! You look radiant!

  4. lovely pics! Did you know it's the Carshalton Lavender harvesting this Saturday and Sunday? They're at the Stanley Park allotments near Carshalton Beeches - try and go, it's fun! (and there's a few stalls too) We should make it for Saturday morning if it isn't too rainy.