1 Jul 2013

{I have never...}

As I've said previously I would really like to improve / practise my writing here on the blog. The problem being sitting down at the computer and thinking about what to write about - which is why I was very happy to see the lovely Sandy over at BabyBaby will be posting blog prompts and writing starts (believe me I have spent time googling this sort of thing!) with that intro over I will start my post (maybe you would like to play along too...)

Baby Baby

I have never learned to ride a bike. Its a true fact, and people do laugh and stare in shock when I say this to them. I remember as a child trying to learn to ride - I think I spent more time riding into the giant bush planted outside our house or careering into the road. I have no balance, like really bad balance. It was worse when I was younger - I used to fall over and twist my ankle regularly. It was a common occurrence. It would swell up to the size of a golf ball and bruise. Riding a bike was just something I never did. Never had the get up and go to do it. I would happily walk there instead. Even now I would say I am more scared than anything at trying again - but I also avoid things like roller blades, ice skates due to my shocking balance. Thankfully the falling over regularly part of me has faded away but it still there in the back of my mind thinking it would happen again.

I have never had the urge to do anything ' extreme sports'. I am quite happy with my feet on solid ground. I much prefer the gentle things in life - bungee jumping (no thank you!) sky diving (uummm no way) zorbing (nope!). I am (as you may have guessed above) a little on the accident prone side of things. I have a tendency to fall, graze, burn, cut myself. It happens regularly ( drives hubby up the wall - like I do this on purpose!) Therefore putting my self into a possibly dangerous situation - probably not a good move in life!

I have never tried baked beans. Oh my gee just writing that makes me feel sick. I really dislike tomato's ( like really, I do not cook with them! I do not eat them! I order things without them!) Baked beans make me heave, the smell of them and the feel of them - bleugh (I can't even watch the sitting in baked bean baths on fundraising events, seriously why??!!!) However it is a massive sign of how much I have changed and grown since being a mum. As well my son, he adores baked beans. Therefore we now have them in the house, I heat them up and serve them to him. I still dislike them immensely but stopping my son from having them just because I dislike them seems a little unfair ( he also adores broccoli which I dislike, ketchup which I dislike and tinned sweetcorn which I dislike - but all now have firm fixtures in our kitchen)

Just a few things I have never done....


  1. Oooh I spy a 'I have never' very similar to one of mine! Extreme sports are so not for me :D!

  2. Extreme sports I get. I can understand that if you didn't learn to ride a bike as a child, then it's unlikely you would start to learn now. BUT - come on - beans? Beans on toast would be in my top five meals of all time. Mmm beans ;)
    Thank you so much for taking part in Write On. I hope you're inspired next time too.

  3. Riding a bike is very over-rated: I had to do this recently and I was not a happy bunny. For days afterwards my body screamed at me for such foolishness.

  4. I agree - bike riding is over-rated. Beans aren't that bad if you're prepared for the... erm... aftermath.
    Thank you for sharing a great post.