13 Jul 2013

{ Hard Day}

Yesterday looked a lot like this. 
It was one of those days. 

One of those days where at some points my child was delightful. Making me laugh making me smile making me feel proud. He was very chatty and helpful (at times)

Then other points where this other child appeared. One where as soon as things didn't go the way he wanted resulted in a meltdown. This started with not wanting to go in the car, the fact we walked past a toy shop and didn't go in, the fact we sat outside for lunch and not indoors, the fact his lunch took a long time to come, the fact we had to leave my parents house to come home, the fact his little friend Keira had to go home and then the last straw the fact that he wasn't allowed to have his daddy's iPhone in the bath. 

It was a trying day. It felt like a long day. 

What makes it harder is that usually he is not like this. His temperament got worse and worse as the day went on. Mentally and physically exhausting by me in the end. 

But this morning when he appeared in our room at 6.30, crawling into bed and snuggling down for a cuddle. I looked at my darling boy. I have so much love for him. It amazes me I made him. He beautiful boy. 

Lets hope today is better. 


  1. perhaps he did t sleep as deeply and. Efreshingly as normal and evrything yesterday was just too much. hard to say of course, but oh my, doesnt he grow so well!!

  2. This heat is making a LOT of happy little people decidedly grumpy! And some Mummies too ;-)

  3. Oh dear, they all have those days. Sad thing is, they never end! But they are so precious you cant help loving them anyway.