5 Jul 2013

{Friday Review : Schwatz 2in1}

I love quick meals. Especially ones that have lots of flavour.  I use the Schatz packet mixes quite a bit. It provides lots of flavour, meal ideas but is also quick to assemble.

I was sent one of the new 2in1 packet mixes - which compromises of two seasoning mixes for different things. We tried the Garlic & Thyme Roast chicken mix and the Crispy roast potatoes mix.  Others in the range include chicken tikka and a cooling raita or crunchy chicken bites and a BBQ sauce.
The chicken mix you add to some oil and score and coat the chicken with it. The chicken was lovely and juicy with a crunchy outer coating. It gave the chicken a lovely flavour (I love garlic) and the crunchy potatoes were quick and easy. After par boiling coat in the seasoning mix and roast - they really had a yummy crunch and flavour (even cold! I love cold roast potato's)
Heres my chicken ready for the oven - it provided lots of seasoning to ensure the whole chicken was coated in flavour. You roasted the chicken covered foil for the first part of cooking before removing the foil to get a crunchy coating on the chicken.

It was really quick to assemble and all I added was some broccoli and carrots to it to make a yummy meal.

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