17 Jul 2013

{a little bit of happiness}

Some things which are making me happy right now. 

The sun is lovely. The sticky heat is not. But I'm loving a cooling fan, an ice lolly and cool showers. 

Baby boy is kicking and moving and wriggling a lot more. So much so that I can see it from the outside now. 

That maxwell sleeping is getting so much better. Even in the heat. His bedtimes are smoother and he really has grasped the staying in his room and falling asleep on his own. Even better he did it on his own, without a battle. 

That I have less than 30 working days left at work before mat leave. This both excites and scares me   I enjoy my job but can already feel the panic rising. I'm worried about being on mat leave. And affording having two kids. It will be a struggle. But I have K x

I'm still loving reading Harry potter an now on the half blood prince. My fave. 

Just a little bit of positivity for a Wednesday night. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your positivity, having a bit if a cant see the woods for the trees time at the moment and it really helps to read something positive. AND congratulations on your blue bump. I have two boys as well, 4 and almost a year old - lots of fun xxx