6 Jul 2013

{A day off}

This a concept which is rather rare nowadays. It's funny as even though I work part time and don't work two days of the week. This does not mean it is a day off. Merely a day in which I am actually doing my real job. Mum. Yes, I am not in the office but this does not mean that I am doing nothing. Being mum comes with lots of roles to fulfil (diary keeper, taxi driver, entertainment organiser, chef, menu planner, cleaner, laundry lady, stylist and general cheerleader in life- to name a few) its busy being a mum. There is always something which can be done or needs doing.  Not taking into account the  many hobbies I enjoy that mount up. 

Therefore a day off in my world just usually means a day of being able to get all that other stuff done. 

But if I was handed a golden ticket of a guaranteed day off. Just for me. For me to enjoy. To relax. To be indulgent with my choices on what to do. What would it entail. 

First it would remove all the guilt I feel inside for not doing all the things that need to be done. That it would just get done without me nagging or complaining or saying I'll just do it myself. The house would not get messy within 5 minutes, the washing up would not be left in the sink and the washing pile would be dramatically less than usual. 

It would involve waking up when I want. Not by an alarm, or a child requesting a cuddle before announcing he needs a wee or in fact he is hungry or that cbeebies needs to be on right now. I would wake leisurely  and stretch. I would read in peace maybe with a cuppa tea too. (I'm not a breakfast in bed fan but tea is ok!)

It may involve being able to wander around somewhere pretty. To be able to stop in pretty boutiques and look at pretty things. To be able to take time to amble. To be able to stop and have a coffee or three. To be able to people watch. (And to be able to do all this without the small one nagging to move on, requesting we find another toy shop to go in or insisting he does not want to go in that shop!)

It would include afternoon tea in a beautiful place with a beautiful view. A stand of yummy goodies stacked high. With scones and cream, with cupcakes, with delicate pastries, with tea in a teapot and maybe just maybe some macaroons (oh how I adore thee!!)

It would be nice to include little treats like maybe the theatre to see a musical or a walk round a museum or a visit to a beautiful book store. These are all past times i enjoy. I enjoy the looking, the learning, the excitement. I love the feeling I get in these places of peace. Of feeling special. Of feeling treated. 

It would include not cooking dinner, of eating somewhere different or exciting. With a menu that is interesting and has things I want to try. And has a dessert menu. I love dessert. And cocktails. (In my non pregnant state of course!)

However. Being a mum means always being on call. And always thinking of all the things that should be done. I'm sure it written in the small print somewhere. 

These things are things i enjoy. But I enjoy being a mum so much more and cuddles on the sofa while watching robots for the millionth time while debating what should be cooked for dinner after hanging up the washing and washing up the plates before maybe just maybe a few minutes peace and a (fingers crossed) restful nights sleep. Well that's pretty good going too. 

This is my write on entry. Blogging prompts!

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  1. Oh I love your ideal day off. Please can you take me with you? Do remember to pop by and add this post to the linky.