29 Jun 2013

{ Saturday : Some things I love }

I love twitter. I love all the new things I read or see and I saw this lovely post by But why mummy why? blog. I love the idea of posting something positive about the week that's past but also an insight into life right now.

Here goes my first go at this....

Something I have read
I'm reading Harry potter, again, at the mo. I've really struggled to get into a book and flitted between this and that. Nothing stuck. Nothing took. Nothing made me want to read. It was then I decided to turn back to the comfort found amongst the pages of Hogwarts. It fills me with happiness and familiarity. I'm up to the order of the Phoenix. I always struggled with this book but I know how pivotal it is in the story. 

Something I watched. 
Recently I have discovered the love of cake boss. I sit in awe and the mega cakes buddy and his team make. Love seeing the amazing creations he thinks up. But also love seeing all the cakes and goodies that get sold in the bakery! And what's not to love in seeing this large    family battle it out on the tv!! Plus I love how buddy talks. Saying cwoffee! 

Something I listened to. 
I listen to the radio on my drive to work. I enjoy this. I've been listening to radio one. I enjoy grimmy in the morning (but dislike  call or delete. Makes me squirm!) and Greg James on the drive home. When Blurred lines gets played at the moment. I turn it up, have a sing and car dance. I also enjoy the film reviews on a Thursday. 

Something I wore 
Being pregnant and getting bigger by the day I'm struggling more and more to find something comfy and something that fits. My current go to in my wardrobe is a maxi dress. Even in the rain. 

Something I cannot live without 
This week we had an 'minor emergency' a blocked sink/a blocked drain/ an absolute pain. So Monday night this happened, just as putting M to bed great timing. Me 24 weeks pregnant and k with his bad back attempting to sort this out. Finally we admitted defeat and made a phone call to the landlord Tuesday. All day I tried to get them to make a plan. First thing Wednesday morning out came the drain man. An hour later unblocked and good to go. So this week I cannot live without: a sink that works plus its a positive that the landlord sorted it all out. Annoying it was but quickly sorted. 

And there you have it. A little piece of me. This week 



  1. Oh blocked drains no good! I love the Harry Potter books, i'm re reading the Prisoner of Azkaban which is my least favourite in the film wise at least. I love harry potter though so good! x

  2. Love the Harry Potter books! In fact whenever I listen to Parachutes by Coldplay (that I mentioned this week) I am whisked back to reading The Goblet of Fire as I had that album on repeat for hours while reading in my bedroom!
    Thanks for joining in xx

  3. oooh Leanne that reminds me, would you like to borrow my maternity things? I don't actually have much, but I've got a pair of jeans (although honestly I found them a bit uncomfy to wear), a maternity maxi dress and a couple of tops. Let me know xxxx