22 Jun 2013

{My BritmumsLive experience}

Well I did it. I survived my first blogging conference.

I arrived home all in one piece, slightly more weighed down with goodies, but in one piece. 

It all kicked off Friday afternoon in the rather lovely venue of the Brewery. I arrived earlier as the women (and few men) lined the cobbled courtyard outside. Some catching up with friends, chatting to people they came with. And there was me. I came on my own and knew no one else ( well I speak to some on twitter or read blogs but no one I had made plans with to meet)
There me and bump stood. Looking around seeing people who looked vaguely familiar and trying not to look too nervous or scared!! Before two lovely ladies approached me and made small talk with me. That I was grateful for. 
Finally the doors were let open and we collected out badges. It made me feel slightly self conscious with my name brazenly round my neck. Promoting my rather unloved blog. But I ploughed on and headed through to hub area. Packed with advertisers all promoting there brands and also tables laden with tea coffee and biscuits. A welcome sight. 
It was nerve wracking walking up to these advertiser, chatting about there brands with an attempt to sound professional. It's weird. In my 9-5 job I can do that. I can go to client meetings. I can promote that side. But it's almost like that confidence slips away as I walk out of the office. I really liked the ladies at MAMbaby, I've never really knew there products when M was a baby but I was impressed with the design and colour of their ranges. Excited to try these out with baby number 2. Other brands include acer, butlins, coca cola and olatium.

After an overwhelming walk around this crowded room full of people who all seemed to know one another I followed the crowd upstairs to sit down and listen to Kirstie Allsop keynote speech. Which was funny, made me laugh and made me think. Are storytelling style was comforting and friendly. 
 I sat in on a couple of sessions that Friday on working with brands and storytelling. Both were interesting and have me things to think about.

 The evening portion on a Friday is the BiB awards and the wine was flowing. By this point in the day I felt tired, lonely, out of my depth and overwhelmed beyond anything I ever thought I would be. I am I think mostly a confident person but I felt that skip away from me during the day as my energy levels dipped I decided to make an early exit and leave the crowds to the wine. 

As I travelled home I tweeted some of my feelings and thoughts. It seems I was not the only one who felt that way. I was glad to be home and see the hubby and the small one. To have cuddles and feel secure in my bubble. 

I dusted myself down and attempted to boost my self esteem to take on Saturday. I already knew that I would be leaving early due to other commitments I had on today. 

Some lovely local bloggers I had spoke to briefly were getting the train early and I made arrangements to meet them and travel up. This made all the difference at putting me at ease and making me feel less scared walking in on my own. 

I listened to Katie piper talk, followed my a talk on finding your blogging voice, then an interesting talk on using your iphone to make videos before I not so interesting talk on smartphone photography (the speakers were great but I think I may be a bit more advanced on the iphoneography side than I initially thought)

Lunch again I bumped into the local bloggers. Again this made all the difference to have someone to talk to over eating and make me feel less like a Billy no mates. 

All in all I enjoys my experience. I enjoyed being part of it. I learned a bit more about me than I thought I would. And I didn't think I would struggle with that side as much. 

My tips for the future maybe attendee is make that connection with other bloggers beforehand. It makes the whole experience nicer. I lacked the social media links beforehand taking a break from blogging and tweeting as life was more important. 

I do feel inspired. I've got notes made in my notebook of things I'd like to write about. I think this is what I want to try more. To write. So I will try and do this more. And focus less on the random posting but more on the words. Just maybe. 

But that was just me. What about you?



  1. I can only begin to imagine what a daunting experience and yet fascinating experience this would be!! Well done you for surviving .... and huge congrats on your baby bump!! xx

    1. Hi Sarah!! Thanks for commenting. I'm proud I did it on my own! But also glad it's over if that makes sense! And thanks on the congrats! I'm nervous about being a mummy of two!

  2. Oh it was so lovely to meet you, and I'm sorry we didn't meet at the start - we were all over the place picking everyone up - but I'm glad you were with us on Sunday - keep in touch, and let's meet up soon!


    1. Hi jo. Thanks for commenting an thanks for letting me tag along with you Sunday

    2. If you're around on Wednesdays we're always at the Soft Play at Westcroft, if you need to have that 'make my child tired' thing we all go through - we're there at 1.30, so pop along! x

  3. oh no I am very sorry you felt this way. Did you find a Butterfly?
    I have to admit that I made sure someone would be with me as I'm really inwardly insecure.
    I am glad to read that you are talking of next time. I have bought my ticket for next year and would love to meet you - this post reads really well so you are obviously a great writer.

    When is bump due? My husband was impressed with the bottles in the goody bag and I was a breast feeder lol.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Yes I spoke to a few butterflies but I felt even a bit too self conscious for that. Silly really. Yes I am thinking about next year, as I do think I got lots out of the event. Even if that was struggles!
      And thank you re the compliment on my writing. I guess it's something I've always enjoyed but never realised it was the act of writing I enjoyed. But I guess that is becoming more clear to me. I would like to improve my writing skills and I guess the blog platform is the way to do this. Thanks again for taking the time out to comment. X

  4. I was terrified at my first conference a couple of years ago, but the blogging community is mostly incredibly welcoming, and you will find it much easier next time. It is overwhelming. I knew so many people and knew what to expect, but that many people and voices and things to learn will overwhelm anyone. Glad you stuck it out x

    1. Thank you. Yes I am proud I got back on that train Saturday morning as Friday evening I was in two minds about if I would. It's such a huge network of people out there. Seems quite easy to get lost in. I hope I can find my way. Thanks for taking the time out to comment.

  5. Its nice to hear that Im not the only one for whom work and blogging life are so separate that the characteristics that make me thrive in one practically dont exist in the other.

    Conferences are tough (and I think even more so as its a room of women!) we are all friendly and welcoming and teriffied in equal measures. meeting people on twitter beforehand definitely helped me and would recommend for next time.

  6. So sad that I missed you! Would have loved to meet you!
    Although I've been blogging for 1year and a half, I still feel out of place at these events. I'm not abig blog but as big as I want to be but I do lack confidence so find myself standing around most of the time just people watching :-)
    I am lucky though as two lovely young ladies took me under their wing and I also got cuddles with a Baby x x
    See you next year x