28 Jun 2013

{Friday Review : Annabel Karmel Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes}

I've got a few things queued to review so thought rather than 1. Stress about doing them and 2. Bore the readers silly with review after review. I would dedicate Friday to getting my review posts sorted (another step in blog organisation in my head, it is also helping that the blogger app allows me to blog from my phone quickly!)

I have blogged in the past the struggle we have with M and his eating. In general he is not bad. He loves breakfasts (porridge, cereal, toast, fruit, yoghurts or pancakes) and he likes lunch time (sandwiches on occasions, crackers, breadsticks, dairylea, fruit, crisps) but dinner times are a struggle and getting him to try new things and getting him to eat meat (unless it's sausages, mince or in a crumb coating!). When I saw the request for reviewers I jumped at the chance. Anything to give me some new ideas to try!!

The book is laid out lovely, and nice and bright with fun photographs. I love that it focusing on actual meals (and not just making smiley faces on the plate!) but gives meal ideas all of us can eat and enjoy ( to save the constant circle of cooking several different meals!) 

It gives a clear description on how many the meals should feed and the majority in there are freezable as well!! It also has tips and suggestions on most of the pages. The photography is great but not all the recipes have pictures. 

It has a mix of basic quick meals and some more time consuming meals but there was plenty as I read through saying to the hubby 'oh yes M might try that!' Or 'that looks nice!' 

So far we have cooked a couple from the book and the sticky chicken was a hit with M and the hubby. Made a change as M is usually not a big chicken fan unless it has a crunchy outer covering! But he chomped this down with some tilda microwave rice (god send if you ask me!)  He very rarely finishes a full plate of food but he made a really good attempt at this and we will be added to our cooking list. 

Other recipes which are now on our to try list are:

Breakfasts and snacks 
Buttermilk blueberry pancakes (makes 15 small pancakes plus you can freeze them!)

Tomato and basil gnocchi (M is not a fan but loves potato so maybe gnocchi is the way forward! Plus this is freezable too. Which is good as I am not a fan of tomatoes in any form. My child is the opposite!)

Fresh haddock kedgeree (M has discovered a love of rice!!)

Oriental chicken kebabs (personally I think this looks yummy for me!)
Mango and apricot chicken (hoping the love of fruit will make this one a winner!)

Pork fillet stir fry (again serving with rice and some dip I'm hoping will go down well) 
Sweet and sour pork (fruit and meat combo!) 

Tomato and basil risotto (i would halve the reciepe as not freezable and as mentioned above I am not a tomato fan!)

Peach and raspberry crumble (again this is mainly for me!)
Sultana drop scones (yum!)

Please note I was sent this book to review

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  1. Have you tried him with orzo pasta? It's pasta but looks like rice. Sneaky!