14 Jun 2013

{First Trimester}

Is the reason things have been a bit quite around here.

But things are starting to get back onto a more even keel (well as much as they can with a part time job, hobbies, a toddler and still keep things ticking over at home)

I have now passed over into the second trimester stage. We had our second scan and all looks well with baby number 2!

The first trimester passed relatively smooth. Not too much sickness (just the occasional moment!) I had been extra tired and found myself nodding off to sleep ridiculously early but finding sleep difficult at night!

I found early on my back and tummy muscles really aching, I guess as my body remembered what happened the last time around. I had one particularly rough week - where I think I must of pulled something as couldn't even life the washing basket. Thankfully that feeling passed pretty quick and just bounced back to normal.

I coped well with everything and just carried on plodding on with things - still had a toddler in tow of course! I've been watching my body change as things grow and move inside me. I have tried to rest a little more than usual (this is not something I do well) but still try stay active.

I have had no cravings as such, but been more hungry than usual. I have been a little more relaxed with my eating but still having home cooked meals and try to make them healthy (there has just been a few more biscuits than usual) I have been unable to drink tea or coffee - both making me really sick, but the same happened with M (thankfully this too has passed! whoop so missed a morning cuppa)

I have found a love of maxi dresses to fit my growing bump in.

Roll on the next stage I say!!


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  1. Congratulations on your second baby! I bet it is an exciting time for you all :) Does M know much about it all? What a great thing for a little one his age to look forward to!