1 Jul 2013


There was a time (pre Maxwell) when the kinds of conversations I would have across my daily life would include things like.

What should we have for dinner?

Where should we go Friday night, Saturday night and to hell with it Sunday night too?

And do we have enough wine in the house??

These conversations have changed. 

Now with the hubby they include topics such as : 

What can we cook that a fussy 3 year old will also eat, and isn't fish fingers. Again? 

Have we got enough diet coke in the house? And dairylea? And yoghurts?

Which children's play centre is the bet value to visit on a weekend?

With my fellow parent friends conversations common topics include our breast (feeding that is), toilet habits of our children, the small things our children do that we love and usually a list of things they have done which have driven us up the wall! These conversations however are usually interjected with shouts (from me) of 'Maxwell don't do that' 'Maxwell put that down' 'Maxwell come here!' Which means our conversations usually stop abruptly and then no one can remember exactly what they were saying before.

Which leads onto the conversations I seem to have with my son. It seems mind blowing to remember a time when I was so concerned over whether my son would find his voice and start talking. I was convinced all other children around him was talking and he was behind! I had no need to worry as my daily life is now full of conversations like this. 

Maxwell is holding two little action figures in the car. 

M: (talking to his action figures!) stop fighting now. You must share. Isn't that right mummy!

Me: yes darling. That's right. It's good to share. 

M: (to ironman) you got to go home (puts him in the door handle) you too (and puts his other figure in his cup holder) they've gone home mummy!

Me: oh really. 

M: yes they are sleeping now. 

Me: ok then. 

M: I'm going to wake them up now. 

Me: ok. 

M: WAKE UP!!! They are really hungry mummy. We need to get them some food. 

Me: what do they want?

M: ironman wants an apple. And dr oct wants a banana. He wants 7 bananas so he can juggle. 

Theis conversation reminds me of the imagination my child has. The way he sees his works and makes up stories with his toys. I hope this continues to grow! 

Love my boy.