21 Jun 2013

{britmums live}

Today I am off somewhere which both scares and excites me. My first blogging conference. I'm really looking forward to being part of the chaos amongst other bloggers but I'm nervous as going on my own!! A real leap of faith on my part. The agenda looks awesome. I'm looking forward to listening, learning and talking.

However I do feel a bit of a fraud!!

My blog is very much unloved it has not been at the top of my to do list. I think I'm struggling with the types direction etc I want my blog to be. 

I enjoy writing and telling stories and sharing. (Maybe just talking!!! Lol!!) and maybe that is the direction I should go in. Experiment with writing styles, practise my skills and broaden my horizon. Share my life in this way. Or my views and opinions at least. 

I'm hoping this conference will inspire me, spark some ideas and help give me a sense of direction in the (mummy) blogger world!!

See you soon bloggers!!


  1. I love your blog Leanne, it was in my reader ages before I actually spoke to you! xx

    1. Bless you heather. That's means a lot. I am no where near on the level you are but I can only try and improve!!