25 Jun 2013

{A Preschooler}

All of a sudden it sneaked up on me.

Just like when you realise that the adorable baby bundle is now a full blown toddler causing havoc on your house, learning new skills daily. I now realise that the little toddler that was learning to walk, talk and play has now exploded into a pre-schooler. He is steady on his and can chat chat chat chat. He is still learning skills daily but now they include being independent, how the world works and important things like you tidy up after yourself, you don't always win and you have to wait your turn.

This shock and realisation that my baby boy is no longer so small came last week as I sat in a school assembly hall attending our (first of many) school meeting.

M has been in a nursery since he was about 7 months old and attends a day and half a week. Some days he loves it and some days not so much (a bit like me with work I guess!) This nursery has seen him grow and develop, move up the rooms and make connections with its staff. I remember taking him there as a newly crawling baby into the baby room, and now he runs off at the gates, shouting a Morning to all the staff before sitting down for breakfast in Yellow Room. He really has developed so well with these staff and has a lovely relationship with his key worker (and a few of the other kids in his room too - names he likes to reel off to me in the car on the way home!) He tells me what he has done in the day which usually include running or playing in the garden or painting - and sometimes the phrase  ' I didn't eat lunch today mummy, it was nasty!' (can't win them all!)

We would of happily kept him here at the nursery, as he very settled there. However with baby number 2 arriving in October, it made more sense to get him into a local school nursery (which would mean no childcare fees!) from September. Even though I had missed the deadline for sending of the application, I filled it in and sent it off to admissions. The shocker came a week later saying he had got a place at our first choice (across the road from us!) school.

Now that's where you find me and K. Sitting in a school hall surrounded by benches and apparatus against the wall, sitting amongst other parents. (how is it schools all smell the same??) The head teachers and class teachers all leading the talk. I looked around the room, feeling a little too young to be going through this. Surely it was not long ago I too was at school?! And now my 3 year old son will be starting on that long journey. I listened as they explained the curriculum, (having an internal panic attack about all the things I had not been doing with my son at home - I do not make him sit and learn his ABC or count to 20. I let him play and explore and learn at the same time) Then came the talk about uniform (UNIFORM! My little boy in a school uniform, with a book bag and everything!) and then about leaving a rain coat and wellies at nursery as they play outside. They talked about how they encourage independence in the child and encourage them to learn and play at the same time. They talked about school trips and learning to write. They talked about learning to read and junk modelling. Before we got a tour of his (very cool) classroom and garden area. It slightly nerve wracking knowing this is the start of a long journey for my little one.

But it will be the start of the journey for me too. Learning about the school gates mums and the PTA meetings. The battle of school holidays and work. The getting him to school on time and collecting him.

I hope he thrives.
I hope he settles in.
I hope he is not a bully.
I hope is not bullied.
I hope he enjoys school.
I hope he loves to learn.

I'm not that sure I'm ready for all this.......

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