14 May 2013


Is what I have been doing recently. And enjoying it. I had taken a little break as things were getting a little crazy. But things have still been chugging along.
  • I am still growing that tiny little person of mine. I will be 17 weeks tomorrow and I have been coping ok. Yes I have been shattered (but I was tired alot before falling pregnant) I have had a little sickness and queasiness and the classic cooking something, sitting down to dish it up - not being able to eat it. I have been struggling with the whole not just eating for eating sake. After I lost my weight after having M I am trying not to worry about the weight gain with baby 2. This also means not eating a bag of cookies cos I am pregnant. I am trying to stay healthy, eat well and have the occasional treat. Cutting out the caffeine has been the hardest battle. Diet coke is vice.
  • We went on a little mini break (I will blog this separately) but we had an awesome mini break just the 3 (well 4) of us. I will be highly recommend the holiday park we went too.
  • I have been trying to stay on top of projectlife! I'm a couple of weeks behind but still chugging along with it. I love this project. I also love our weekly family shots, which means by the end of the year will be having another little person in it. I have not had any inspiration to drag out the 12x12 recently but I still love those albums too.
  • I have been knitting. I have made a little jumper for my friends new baby and I have casted on a little jumper for our baby.
  • I have been working, cooking, living, playing with a happy go lucky 3 year old toddler and actually just enjoying a little break. No strings attached. I'm hoping I will have some mojo and excitingness to share soon.
Love always L

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