2 Apr 2013

{the funny things you say}

I was so worried about M learning to talk.

He was so much slower than other kids his age. I fretted it was me. I've not don something to encourage his speaking. To help grow. Help him learn. I had failed my son.

Now he is talking all the time and he makes me laugh so much. (He had his dads personality!)

Some classic M lines include.

"My nanny fell over. She was drunk" (which she wasn't I would like to point out!)

"Daddy says mummy has a sexy bum" which he happily told my mum

"My name is maxwell and I'm from England"

"I'll be right back mummy" followed by when he comes back to the room "I'm back"

"I'm just popping out!"

"I need just a little bit of help mummy"

"I'm silly mummy"

He really does make me smile. And such a little sponge at the moment.

Note to self. Be more careful about what I say in front of him.


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  1. You're right about them being sponges! I had to lol at the sexy bum comment....so funny! I'm waiting for my youngest to start talking properly, I too am watching what I say!