21 Apr 2013

{finding out}

I wrote the below the day we found out we were pregnant.


Today is valentines day.

The day of love.

Today is also the day I went and bought the pregnancy test.

I had done a cheapy one at home and could see a very very very faint line.

And there I saw the faint positive line. My heart sped up. My hands were shaking.

I texted hubby. Who was having a particularly rubbish day. 'Fancy some good news'.

We had spent 4 months trying. Very little time to some but as Maxwell came so easily it did upset us. Each month dusted ourselves down and geared up for another month of trying. It's horrible symptom spotting and thinking the maybes and if.

I'm so happy that we are trying to do this all again.


Happy times in the Edwards household (also explains my recent quietness with my online activity!)