8 Mar 2013

{international women's day}

Why I love being a woman?

Being able to buy pretty dresses pretty shoes and feel girly. Or wear jeans and a t shirt and still feel girly.

Being able to carry a baby, give birth and care for my child. Women's bodies are pretty amazing right?

Being able to change my hair a million times a day (hairband and Kirkby grips always on my person)

Being able to buy make up and make pretty faces in the mirror. We all do that pour face right?!

Being able to wear the 'dress' on my wedding day. Feel like a princess.

Being able to multitask (not always successfully!) but I try.

Being able to be a wife and mother, to care for my family, I enjoy this immensely. It's not always smooth sailing but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. love this,it is great and fun to be a woman!! xo