7 Mar 2013

{Being a parent}

Is hard.

Why don't they tell you this bit in the what your expecting book or in the midwife appointments.

I remember once M was born. I remember sitting there holding him in the middle of the night. I remember crying thinking I've done something wrong. I remember thinking I've screwed him up. I remember worrying I'm the reason he's not talking, not potty trained or not eating certain things. I remember fretting over should we buy a bigger size nappy and how do I know if this is right. I remember the feeling that washes over you when your child does something in public that they really shouldn't and the shame rushes to your face. I remember that feeling of talking about something your doing and then feeling the worry that you've done it all wrong.

All of these things they do not tell you.

Yes your life changes. For the better of course. So much more love and happiness is in your life.

There are things I have learnt now. I have learnt that decisions I make for my child and my family are our decisions to make. I have to have strength in my decisions. I have to believe that I am doing what works for us. I have to understand that what others do may not work for us. I have to be thankful for our situation. We make it work for us.

This is a hard lesson learn.

And actually if they had told me this in the books or at my appointment. I don't think I would of believed them.


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