12 Feb 2013


I am lucky to have a great network of friends and family in my close vicinity. There are friends who have known for years. Who I spent my younger years with. Who we have stories to share about our lives pre marriage pre babies. These are friends who we share Sunday lunch with. Share movies nights and take aways with. Share bottles of wine and cider with.

Then there are the 'friends i met online' friends It's funny to think how these other friendships have been carved and cultivated with online activity. Some of these girls before I met them I had only spoken to them via a forums or twitter or Instagram. We would have conversed daily in some cases over shared interests. We would share stories, share ideas and over time we have gotten to know (in some cases) so much more about each other lives, personalities and quirks.

Since meeting online I have since formed strong bonds with some  in real life too. Sharing stories, birthdays, weddings, days outs, weekends away and a lot more chatting daily online.

A group of us find is funny when we get together and people ask the questions ' so how do you know each other'  -  we often pause, look at each other and wonder how can we explain without it sounding weird that in fact we met online. As there is that stigma attached. We have even joked about telling people we met at uni - as this seems are for more acceptable to way to meet people.

I have made crafty friends online who I share my love of scrapbooking, of taking photos, or getting excited about new paper ranged. I have made 'wooly' friends online who share my crochet and knitting love and understand why oh why I have so many unfinished projects. I have made local mummy friends online who I share kids birthday parties with, meeting up for soft play and general wittings via whats app at crazy times of the day. I have made mummy blogger friends who I share the love of twitter and blogging and sharing lives. I have made food blogger friends who I share the love of finding new recipes, inspiring me to take better pictures of my bakes and find more inspiration in the kitchen.

All of those friends coupled with the network of family / friends I have makes for a rather full and rich life. I have made such good friends in this way. Friends who without the wonder of the technology we use daily I would never have met. Found friends who are so in sync with me, understand me and will be there for me. And vice versa.

Oh thank you social media - for giving me the opportunity to meet, get to know, talk, share and laugh with these people.

Granted, social media, not always a good thing. But it sure has some good positive points.



  1. I wonder what category I would fit in lol

  2. hear, hear! I have made so many new friends through being online. I think the people that don't use social media really don't understand this