8 Feb 2013

{dark days}

These past few days have been just that. You know when you get in the fog. The cloudy one. That makes everything harder, sadder, more annoying. The one where you try and stay positive but the fog is desperate to take over. Intercept your thoughts. Where you go through the motions of daily life and be a mum, a wife, a co worker. But it all seems a lot harder.

There's nothing seriously wrong. Which makes my grump even more diva-ish! It's a proper catch 22 situation. I feel sorry for myself, then guilty for feeling that way, annoyed at myself for being stupid. Round and round in circles I go.

Work has been busy which then spills over to home life, working late, feeling stressed and tired. There are things in life I would like to happen. Some I have control over. Some are for that of God to decided. I need to relax, and enjoy the moments I have. That being a mum and a wife and a friend. In many ways I am truly lucky and blessed.

So I need to shake off this fog. Stop feeling sorry for myself. Refocus. Remember. Reaffirm. What I have already. What I am.

I'm hoping I'm back to normal soon.


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  1. No advice I'm afraid - just know where you are and sending huge cyber (((hugs))). Hope you feel better soon. Jude.x

  2. I hope the sun comes out for you soon x

  3. Hope you are feeling a bit happier now - I know exactly the feelings you are describing, in my case they lasted a year! If you ever need to offload, I'm always here x x x

  4. I read this a few times a week now to remind myself that its not just me who feels like this. Today has been a foggy day indeed x

  5. I'm just coming out of the other side of some very very dark days and it really is like feeling the sun on my face after a very long winter. Wishing you some brighter days and hoping that the beautiful spring weather is helping. xx